Politicians should be changed often and for the same reason as diapers

Why is Alex Miller running for US Senate?

Our legislative process is presided over by our representatives; competent, qualified, judicious, reasoned, charismatic and attractive, in short, all of the things we demand from the conservators of our constitution and our civil society.  In November we will hopefully choose another qualified, competent, judicious, reasoned representative to shoulder the responsibility of carefully crafting the legislation that we live by.  

There exist some parable or allegory that will enlighten even the most obdurately obtuse believers in a government Santa Claus.  I am running to find it and tell it.

Our current representative in the office of US Senator may as well have said “If elected to represent you, I will covet the wealth of others beyond all else.  I will adopt the thinking of wealthy eastern elitists, and work to remake American society in a way that enshrines their financial and social advantages into law for all time. I will do this in the hope they will grant me and mine first access to the table scraps of real wealth and power.  I will pass legislation they provide me without reading it or considering the effect on or the wishes of the people I represent. I will indulge my ego by pretending to belong to the imperial class, and play power broker in Washington and use the currency of my state’s interests to purchase offerings of even more power and advantage for those whose wealth and power I so love.  I will embrace“ that devious, sinister, evil influence that says, 'What I have is not enough.  I must have more' " -contrary to the teachings of my religion.  I will forsake my humanity and love for my fellow man in pursuit of such favors from the ultra-wealthy as I enrich them further." But, I am running to stop that.

For me running is: Fighting the evil that our representative has embraced; telling the emperor that he is naked before he forces us to buy from the same con men; awakening my neighbors from the thrall of greed; spreading the truth that you cannot vote yourself rich, you can only vote yourself the chance to be rich, or vote for no chance at all for anyone.  

What we are being told is essentially “The upper middle class won the lottery and they don’t deserve the prize of 200 million dollars.  The truly wealthy government elite should take all the winnings and divide it among all the people, not just the ticket buyers. That way, everyone will continue to buy tickets and to bring us all wealth. And, the government elite won’t keep anymore for themselves than they give us."  I am running to promote fairness. If you buy a ticket, by working and helping your employer, or by starting a business and helping your customers solve a problem, and you are successful and 'win', you deserve to keep the winnings.

I am running to stop the headlong pursuit of illusion before we are permanently ruined.   You can take from your neighbors, but you can never become a respected, prosperous person by stealing.  When a thief steals from a working person more than once, the working person may find it profitalbe to stop the stealing. How many thieves are industrious and educated enough to outcompete an honest person for that person's earnings? Thieves may one day find that it is easier to get a job or start their own business.

Freedom and thievery are incompatible in society.  If you are a thief, you are dependant upon the inattention, kindness and generosity of others, which you must abuse.  By stealing, you divert the attention of honest folk from their pursuit of happiness and profit as well converting their generosity to suspicion and mistrust.  The result is that with fewer kind and trusting people your profession becomes harder, and society becomes meaner.  I am running for a kinder, more generous society.

The manner of theft is irrelevant.  Whether by guile or gun the results are the same.  If you choose to be a thief, you are limited by the amount of wealth your target has accumulated and your success endangered by your target's increasing vigilance.  You are competing against bigger, better-financed thieves who will steal from you.  The price of liberty is eternal vigilance, against thieves who would steal all you have including your ability to produce more for yourself.  There is no limit to what a thief will do.  A thief will cage you and set you to a task of his choosing.  A thief will ration your education, sustenance and maintenance to the minimum level needed for you to complete your assigned task.  When you have grown old, and are less productive, you will depend on the sentimentality of people who have none. I am running to stop the theft of all that any of us can truly own, our lives and our freedom to succeed or fail as ambition, diligence, determination and providence dictate.

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