Corruption: the gift that keeps on giving

March 21, 2010 we commemorate the takeover of the finest, fairest, most generous healthcare industry that the world has ever known. We now have a compromise that nobody likes and that we would be better of repealing and starting anew. A long campaign of destruction has culminated in this milestone. Thousands of individual and group activities have led to this moment. Let us credit a few milestones in this march of tyranny, from the nationalization of the educational establishment, the corporate takeover and ideological purges in the news industry, the expansion of the welfare state, and the conversion of institutions large and small into vote buying entitlement schemes. A majority of Americans have finally been convinced that slavery is freedom, up is down and wrong is right. This monumental accomplishment is what NevadaCan fix it if we work together.

The fat cats in Washington will never suffer from the burden of poor leadership that they so casually impose upon us. Instead, they will revel in the power they have taken from us as they impose their will wherever whim or mood dictates. While they repose in dictatorial power, we, the rank and file will discover the true meaning of their acts. As we are told what cars we can drive and how far, with whom we can associate, how we can protect ourselves, and now, whether we live or die from curable diseases. Our children may one-day whisper of a time when America was free.

There is only so much power or freedom to be had. It is measured by the number of people multiplied by their individual rights. The test of a genuine right, is the ability of a person to, without interfering with another, exercise it independently. A person can live, move about, injure himself, speak, think, believe, be wrong, starve, gather food and eat to excess, and a variety of other activities. When the choice of exercising these rights is taken from the individual and vested in the government, that individual loses freedom as the government gains power. There is no genuine right that one person has which imposes upon another.

A commonly employed strategy the greedy in government use to achieve and maintain control is to offer (illegitimately) license, to those exercising their God given right to be wrong, as a means to incrementally enslave others. For a temporary advantage some people can be convinced to permanently surrender their freedom and that of their neighbors. Tyrants and con men have long relied on the greed and foolishness of the populace to make poor long-term decisions for the mere perception of a temporary advantage. Our high ideals stated in the Law of Nations "The general law of this society is that each member should assist the others in all their needs, as far as he can do so without neglecting his duties to himself-a law which all men must obey if they are to live conformably to their nature and to the designs of their common Creator; a law which our own welfare, our happiness, and our best interests should render sacred to each one of us. Such is the general obligation we are under of performing our duties; let us fulfill them with care if we would work wisely for our greatest good. " Only an individual may choose how much they can assist their neighbors, permitting government to make that choice for them is a violation of the same law of nations as referenced in the U.S. Constitution. Violating natural laws is a foolish exercise in futility in that the outcome is immutable.

The only real protection from tyrants and con men for the American people has been the formal education given in our schools and the cultural education from within our families. The champions of tyranny (world democratic socialism), knowing this, have been assaulting both for a long time as a prelude to taking over the economy and the final vestiges of personal freedom in this country. Education has been assaulted from the ivory towers to the one room school. American history, science, English and even math have been repackaged to serve the ends of the socialist religion. The family has been decimated by welfare and the diminishing of parental rights and responsibilities. Without the culture of self- determination and choice, the current generations of America have been duped into championing tyranny.

Ivy league blowhards in Washington disdain capitalism as though it could be replaced by socialism. Capitalism is not an artificial construct like a planned economy, it is the natural outcome of two or more people making mutually beneficial decisions. Only by dictating every choice of every individual can capitalism be suppressed. Yet average people are promoting that very outcome in support of their leaders. This level of control by government is not the high ideal purchased with the blood of patriots. NevadaCan return to promoting the ideals of individual liberty and choice which were the founding principles of our nation and our party.

Individual liberty and choice is the ability to practice our rights without the interference of the government. To do this, we must reclaim our rights from the government. Government must be again restrained and our leaders chastened to the role of public servants, not dictators. We must give up the illusion of free anything, taken from the sweat of others, as a right. The misfortune of a minority can be fixed, but not by enslaving anyone to provide it.

The elite now celebrate their victory and seek to clothe it in platitudes fed to the rank and file who are permanently giving up their freedom for a promise of a short term windfall. NevadaCan vows to expose the fraud and seeks to stop it.

It is perhaps a vain and foolish hope that we may turn back the tide of evil that now swamps the ship of state. But I believe we can. NevadaCan lead the way back to prosperity and hope. NevadaCan reclaim our political parties from the moneyed elite. Jobs, safety and hope for the future can be reclaimed. The path is steep and the burden is heavy, but less so than it will be for our children. If we act now, we can right these wrongs without the ultimate payment that is the price of all tyranny. Or we can wait and give future generations the burden of slipping the bonds of tyranny at a price too terrible to contemplate.

 Tire of being led off a cliff?

Alex Miller U.S. Senate

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