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Dear NRA members,

I have received your U.S. Senate candidate questionnaire. On the same day, I heard on the news that you are supporting Harry Reid. You people are insane. We only hear from Harry for about 6 months before election time, then he crawls back into the Washington sewers and doesn't re-emerge until re-election. At age 70, Harry is hopefully running his last campaign. Did you really fall for that ridiculous show of his? Harry's support of our rights only appeared when his poll ratings dropped. Before that he was ardently opposed to all of our civil rights, especially the second amendment. Apparently you are supporting marijuana legalization, because you must be smoking it to believe that Harry will give you a moments support after the next election.

Why would anyone support an organization so easily swayed by Harry's blatant insincerity? You people need to pull your collective heads out, stand up and support someone who respects our rights as free people and who understands his moral obligations. Harry is not that person. His only loyalty is to himself. And I, for one, won't be supporting your organization until you stop worrying so much about who will win or lose and concern yourself with our civil rights. I know it makes you look influential when the person you support wins, but deluding yourself into believing that Harry supports our cause only makes you look ridiculous and embarrasses the rest of us for supporting you.

Picking the winner is not the same as choosing the winner. The first shows political awareness and submissiveness, while the second shows political power and will. Your choice of Harry clearly demonstrates that superior weaponry is no substitute for courage and honor. Your choice is an example of the politics that brought us to the crisis we now face. Stop supporting the problem and start solving it. Choose someone else. and so should you.


Alex Miller

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