The common path is leadership; the influencing, for good or ill, of oneís associates to the task of interest.  Effective, and lauded for that effect, some consider leadership to be noble.  Free people may on occasion set aside their own pursuits if the leaderís cause is dear to them, while subjects will follow a leader from habit or from fear.  Leaders are not gods, but men.  And, they will fall prey to the sins of men. 

Yet, a free people will have occasion to speak with one voice to express their ideas, beliefs and will.  That task falls not to a leader but to a representative.  Representation requires an understanding, a meeting of the minds.  Yet ideas and beliefs are like clouds.  Clear as they seem to one observer-yet there are no definite borders that make them appear equal to all.  So, the representative is often pushed aside by the leader who is so  assured of his faith that others are swayed to believe in him or doubt their own reason.

 I do not seek to lead, nor will I follow a leader.  Yet the condition of our government and the risk to our nation is such that responsible free people cannot leave the government in the hands of those that have stolen it from us and seek now to steal everything for all time.  So I stand ready to assume the task of returning control of the government to the people.  By speaking with the voice of the people, unfettered and clear, Nevada Can again pen the hogs in government and chasten them to our bidding, instead of we to theirs.

So if you feel the truth I speak, lend me your vote, and for a time your voice WILL be heard.  We may differ on the boundaries, but on the substance, we are kin.  If the fruits of our labors are success, then we may return to our various pursuits knowing that we have shouldered the burden of vigilance and action as required of all free people.