Protecting Government Jobs and Benefits

There is a hidden danger that threatens ongoing government benefits. Once you have passed the hurdles involved in qualifying for and then receiving government benefits, your focus changes to protecting and expanding those benefits. One of the most important decisions you make is to select and vote for politicians, sympathetic to your plight, who will help you maintain those benefits and even increase them. But it is important that you and your representative understand the economic realities that could cause you to lose your benefits permanently.

Politicians will happily divert government funds to anyone who will vote for them, if they can do it in a way that results in a net increase of votes. The math is simple; if they can take $10.00 from John, who will then not vote for them, but can then give $1.00 to Phil, $1.00 to Alice and hire Tammy to administer the program for $3.00, all of whom will vote for them, then they are ahead on votes. The danger is that politicians wanting to buy more and more votes by converting taxpaying Johns to benefit receiving Phils, Alices and Tammys, will eventually run out of taxpaying Johns. And the Phils, Alices and Tammys have, by then, forgotten how to make money, so changing them back into taxpaying Johns is very difficult.

To address the hidden danger and protect your benefits, you must support politicians who will not convert all of your tax paying neighbors into your competitors for benefits.


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Alex Miller U.S. Senate

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