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Citizens Speak out - Welfare


I spoke to a group of citizens who brought up the issue of people on public assistance that we would not classify as 'in need.' They pointed out how much they had to work and struggle, while people on public assistance were essentially gaming the system.

For example, Jane Doe, a 29 year old women with three children who lives with her 'husband,' receiving the earned income tax credit, subsidized medical care, subsidized housing, food subsidies and education subsidies for her and the children. A boyfriend and girlfriend with three kids and two incomes may have to struggle, but why do other couples who are married with the same working income have to support them?

We don't think of family units like this one as legitimate welfare cases. The way they qualify for assistance is to forgo the 'legal' formality of marriage. The community where they interact socially views them as married, and they hold themselves out as married, but the government, back in Washington DC, which they view as a source of free money, is told that this is a single mother struggling on her own. The co-workers and neighbors, who are sending money to Washington DC, see a family like theirs scamming the system and using it to surpass their own standard of living, while the government turns a blind eye to the injustice inherent in 'wealth' redistribution.

The people I spoke with object because they don't want to have to lie and cheat for money. They view lying and cheating as a bad example for their children and antithetical to generations of American culture. Essentially, the government is paying people to have children out of wedlock, lie and cheat and they don't like it.

I pointed out that these programs were "caring and compassionate" and "for the children." The only results from these well meaning, or possibly cynical schemes were broken families, resentment from honest people, an overall decrease in everyone's standard of living and some people in Washington getting voted for by the cheaters. Teaching children to cheat helps them grow into lying, cheating adults who know how to work the system better than their neighbors. Rather than working to improve peoples lives with products and services that are better than the ones their neighbors can make, people can just cheat the taxpayers.

The citizens I spoke with need representation. The cheats they were speaking of were being led. Washington is infested with 'leaders' who patronize and ignore citizens who want responsible representation to solve real problems, but who find it easier pandering to cheats who just want more handouts. What can we tell these honest citizens, comes the primary?


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