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Tired of being led off a cliff? Vote Miller

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This is your seat, take it back!!!

Get honest representation in 6 easy steps

Check this site to see if you can support Alex Miller

2 Send an e-mail to everyone you know asking them to do the same.   Sample 1 Sample 2
3 Post this website name and a statement of support on every bulletin board you can log on to.

Carry and hand out these fliers everywhere or make your own


Register for the Democrat Primary by May 8

6 Vote in the Democrat Primary by June 8.  This is your seat, take it back!
If this works, you, the voter can permanently direct your representative and put a big dent in the corruption of business as usual by displacing the influence of campaign contributions.

I am willing to A) Email all of my friends  B.) print and hand out fliers everywhere I go  C.) post on every bulletin board on the web and anywhere else I see one. D.) register and vote E.) donate some web expertise 

Donate to support this message.
I am this willing to restore our countries greatness $1.00, $5.00  $50.00   $100.00  $1000.00  $10,000,000.00

Just $1.00 buys a few clicks from on-line advertising.  

Make this message yours by sending feedback. Then take action to spread this message by advertising your ideas, in on-line forums and ads, at work, with radio and TV appearances, in church, temple, ashram, sports bar, gym or coven.  I can represent you more accurately if you communicate, and then vote for me, and then continue communicating  until we have cleaned up or cleaned out Washington.

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Content copyright 2009-2010. Alex Miller All rights reserved