If you want transparency in Government, don't demand Pretty

When you hire someone, do you want them manipulating you or working for you? A lot of groups are sending me questionnaires about their particular interest. Some groups are not sharing the answers with their members, so to make sure that no group gains any leverage or access not available to the general public, I am posting the questionnaires and pledges that they want signed. And don't hesitate to send me yours.

The issues are divisive and will alienate at least half of the people that I need to vote for me.  According to that math, two questionnaires will be enough to make everyone vote for someone else who is cagey enough to not answer honestly.  Even I don't like some of the answers. But I am sick and tired of politicians who won't give straight answers because it might cost them votes.  And I disagree with using the power of the federal government to advance agendas that cannot compete in the marketplace of ideas of their own merit.
The answers are based on my best understanding of the U.S. Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Law of Nations and the philosophies that underlie them. For example, take the subject of abortion.

We hold the value of life dear, and an unborn child who can't defend its own life needs our protection. But restricting a woman's liberty regarding her body is problematic. Abortion and choice are two separate issues. Teaching the value of life is a better option than restricting liberty.  

When it comes to supporting or opposing specific laws, I really would have to read them first.  For example, we have the second amendment, and one group wants pro-gun laws.  The effect of  pro gun laws would be to weaken the second amendment by casting confusion on its meaning.  If your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Government is not the only, or best, solution to every problem.  But so many people want to use government to mold us all to their morality.  We need to back off, take a breather, and get our house in order before we start fixing all of the ills of the world with the power of government.

So, here are scans of the questionnaires as I have answered them. The public must decide if openness is what they really want.
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