President Creates stepping out of the way
President Obama  allows drilling. Now we have some drilling jobs, and eventually more oil supply,  which will mean lower gas prices.  We hear so much about our 18% plus unemployment rate and we have to look back over a year and a half to find someone to blame.  But in one simple straightforward act, President Obama has shown how jobs are created.  By getting the roadblocks created by government out of the way, people are now going to be employed in the drilling industry,  and numerous other support industries. The formula is so simple; we wonder why it is not employed more often.  

Once again, simply: No jobs.  Government ALLOWS drilling.  Now we have JOBS and oil.  

Apply this logic to other industries: No jobs, Government gets out of the way by cutting regulation and taxes. Then we would have jobs as well as more products from those businesses which can mean lower prices for those products.  

With our high unemployment, the simplest thing to do would be to get government out of the way so we could have more jobs. Just pick the industry and start de-regulating, de-taxing, and stop importing those products.

It is harder to improve the world if we don't have the resources that jobs, and the money and products they bring, provide us.  Political upheaval is more easily achieved in poverty, but that only benefits dictators.  Democratic Republics need the money that comes from jobs, which comes from businesses that are not stymied by government, to improve things like housing and healthcare.

Thank you President Obama for showing us how jobs are created.  We hope you will employ this strategy with zeal and vigor so we can get back to work.

Man working on oil well

Alex Miller U.S. Senate

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