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Dear Mr. Wooten,

Thank you for your interest in our country and our state. I am going to post your questionaire on our web site NevadaCan.com, look for it under the Openness in Government link with a link entitled Undecided Voter-Wooten.

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On Wed, Apr 28, 2010 at 5:49 PM, michael.wooten@mikesobe.net <michael.wooten@mikesobe.net> wrote:

Dead line May 14, 2010

Hello my name is Michael and I am currently an undecided voter and a blogger. I wanted to asked you some questions to share with my readers on my blog to help them decide on who they want to vote for this upcoming Primary.


1. Tell me a little about yourself and why should I vote for you?

I have written almost everything on this site. There should be enough information to make an informed decision. Politicians and celebrities are just people whose names a lot of other people recognize. They are no smarter or different than the millions of people who go to work everyday and whose names you don’t recognize. I am trying to run this campaign in a manner I consider to be exemplary of what I want in people I could respect and vote for. Straightforward answers and rationales that make sense, a minimum of name calling and personal attacks, core values and positions that are based on those core values, are the primary attributes that I want in candidates and are what I am trying to demonstrate.

2. How would you help to preserve Nevada?

What is Nevada? Is it a place, a desert, a way of life, a culture and a people? Nevada is a lot of things, and while some things can be preserved, like open spaces and scenic beauty, everything changes. Stopping change is impossible. My focus is on preserving the freedom of citizens to make the changes they choose, not the ones governments or elitists would force upon them.

3. What would you do to get our state economy back on track?

The destruction of the national economy is overriding anything that any one state can do to recover individually. Any part of our economy that was running well and profitable has been regulated and taxed by greedy politicians seeking to appropriate the wealth that others had earned. My plan is outlined and the rationale explained in the Jobs link you saw on the first page. Once the national economy is allowed to recover, the states should be able to compare their activities in regulation and taxation with other states and determine what works best for them.


4. Do you support comprehensive immigration reform ? If not what plans do you in mind that could better immigration laws in Nevada?

There is little point in passing new laws if existing laws are not enforced. There is currently no bill offered to support or oppose. Immigration reform has become a euphemism for amnesty for people in this country illegally. The only "amnesty" that I could support would be to not incarcerate or permanently disqualify for immigration people who either turn themselves in for deportation or leave voluntarily and then apply for entry and legal status in the manner proscribed by U.S. immigration laws.

5. What plans do you on helping Nevada Veterans?

Veterans are a diverse group. My attorney is a Veteran, and he doesn’t need any help. Some of the people I work with are veterans and they are doing fine also. My sister is a Veteran and she is helping me with this campaign. A growing economy, secure borders, safety from the enemies of freedom and self determination, opportunity to work and enjoy the fruits of those labors will help all Americans including our veterans.

The whole notion that government is a social charity needs to be rethought. Charitable activity is by definition voluntary. The federal government is physically too far away, too monolithic, in no way voluntary, and too inefficient to be involved in charity. The federal government has obligations that must be honored. One of those obligations is to the veterans. Certain things were promised them as remuneration for their service. The federal government is not always efficiently providing those things that were promised, such as healthcare for injuries received while in service to this country. It would help veterans if they didn’t have to fight so hard to get what was promised them. The notion of "helping" them in general is to suggest that serving this country cripples people. Helping veterans beyond living up to the contract we have with them, suggest that they are a deprived social group in need of welfare. Service can be painful or even deadly, but welfare cripples the soul. I will not support more welfare, or turning veterans into a voting block to be purchased by the highest bidder.

Please email your answers to michael.wooten@mikesobe.net

 Thank You,

 Michael Wooten

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