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A reminder that the deadline to be included in Winnemucca Publishing’s Primary Voter Guide is Friday, May 7, 2010, at 5 p.m.

Winnemucca Publishing is beginning to compile information for our upcoming Voter Guides. These guides will appear before the primary and general elections in the Humboldt Sun, Battle Mountain Bugle and Lovelock Review-Miner newspapers and will feature candidate answers to the questions below. We ask for your cooperation in providing this information for voters while also giving you a chance to reach them directly in your own words.

The questions to be answered are:

1. Provide us with any background and experience that you feel is relevant and particularly qualifies you for serving in such a capacity.


Our government was envisioned, by our founders, to be run by citizen legislators.  Individuals who would leave their professions to serve a couple of terms and then return to private life.  Qualification for most of these was determined by their ability to gain the respect of their peers through a demonstration of common sense, reason, integrity and strength of character.  Presently we are plagued with professional politicians chosen, groomed, trained and guided by party leaders to win election after election and to graduate from one government position to another.  They learn only to win elections and  how to pass blame for their failures to their opponents.  Of late those failures are made manifest in high unemployment, record home and business foreclosures, and a growing civil unrest.

I am a citizen possessed of a common sense understanding of why our government was designed the way it was, and how the attacks upon our Constitution imperil both our prosperity and our freedom.  I do not know what car you should drive; how many or what kind of lights you may illumine your house with;  nor what provisions you should make for your needs, such as health care, meals, or transportation.  But I do have faith that you can figure it out.  And if at times we are beset by insurmountable obstacles, our neighbors, if not stirred to fear and hatred of each other or impoverished by ruinous taxation, can be, and frequently have been, counted upon to act for the general good.

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2. Discuss your philosophy and goals if elected or re-elected.


The source of our alarm is the looting of our treasury and the encumbrance of our future by transfers of public monies to private banks, industries and unions.  Traditionally, graft took the odious but not ruinous form of sweetheart contracts for public projects to the financial supporters of incumbents.  Our representatives now forgo the masquerade of public contracts and directly transfer public monies to their financial backers in an open and notorious manner, unfettered by morality, shame or concern for our welfare and in ruinous amounts.  I am running to stop these depredations and restore accountability and fiscal sanity to our public policy.

Crises are being created to frighten us into accepting the takeover of our economy.  We are told that our Constitution is old, outdated and does not apply to the modern world. The truth however, is quite the opposite. Before the availability of modern communication devices, collaboration on documents was limited.  The notable exception was our Constitution, which embodies the thoughts and historical knowledge of scholars, scientists and statesmen since the first stirrings of democracy in ancient Greece.  It was not written by one person and has been neither improved upon, nor surpassed.  It remains, still, the 'state of the art' in governmental design. To subvert or ignore the Constitution is to choose a dangerously inferior solution to our problems.  I am running to represent the citizens of Nevada in their desire to return to the path of prosperity and freedom as laid out in our Constitution.

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Responses must not exceed 500 words (250 words for each question) and should be e-mailed to Please no written or typed copies mailed or dropped off. Given the number of candidates we simply do not have time to retype hundreds of responses.

We also ask you to provide a head-and-shoulders photo of yourself. E-mail is also preferred here, but you may mail or drop off photos at our office in Winnemucca to be scanned. E-mailed photos should be 42 picas wide with 300 dpi resolution and be sent to

The deadline to be included in the primary guide is Friday, May 7, 2010, at 5 p.m. The deadline for the general election guide is Friday, Oct. 1, 2010, at 5 p.m.

We would like all candidates to participate, even if you are running unopposed.

If you have further questions, please contact Winnemucca Publishing Managing Editor or via e-mail, .

Thank you in advance for your timely response.

David Gouger

Managing Editor

Winnemucca Publishing

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Alex Miller for U.S. Senate