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The economic distress that has encompassed this nation has hurt the State of Nevada especially harshly. The State of Nevada and its political sub-groups are making difficult budgetary decisions and trying to stay solvent.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is a premier department in the western region of the United States; however, their manpower levels reveal that Clark County has fewer officers per capita then the national average. LVMPD has determined that they will not be hiring any new officers for at least two years, and will trim the department through attrition.

While this is taking place with LVMPD, Clark County, and the City of Las Vegas have been negotiating with public employees in an attempt to keep communities whole and safe. However, now those entities are considering dissolving entire public safety departments in an effort to achieve those goals: (

My question, in these trying times, do you favor the dissolution of public safety departments, or severe personnel cuts of public safety employees such as police officers or fireman to achieve budgetary goals?


You have brought up an important and relevant subject that needs to be addressed. So, forgive me for elucidating beyond a simple yes or no. And I will post this conversation on my website,

Politicians rule local jurisdictions much as did the medieval kings. They terrorized their own populace, withholding support and protection unless their subjects toed the line and supported the kings’ favorite projects. The king made it abundantly clear that the only way to survive was to be a strong and active supporter of his reign. Modern populations fear criminals, fires and natural disasters, so threatening to remove protection from these events is a good way to terrorize the citizens into supporting the politicians with higher taxes, more control, and greater meekness while increasing people's dependence on the state or local governments.

Don't hate the players. Rather, hate the game. I haven't the arrogance to believe that I can eliminate the game of playing politics with public safety. But, I am just confident enough to believe that I can do what is right. So, let me address your query in this manner. I believe the best answer for our budgetary woes lies in reducing the major non-productive expenses of government. This does not include reducing protection to unsafe levels.

As to how to prevent our politicians from playing the 'threaten public safety to support raising taxes to provide funding for vote-producing projects,' I can't really say. Politicians are a wily crowd and you just have to keep changing them for new, uncorrupted ones when they go bad. With vigilance, you can find and support candidates who understand and support your legitimate needs.

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