Political Candidate Questionnaire

Pahrump Valley Times

Candidate’s Name: Alex Miller – NevadaCan.com

Candidate for: U.S. Senate Term of Office; 6 years

Candidate’s Background

How long Nevada resident: 14 years Family:

Education Background: B.S. Business

Political Experience: I have never before run for public office. I have too often found myself voting for the ‘lesser of two evils.’

Affiliations: Not affiliated with, obligated to, or under the control of any person, group, or organization, other than running as a Democrat.

Reason for running: Nevadans are currently un-represented. We have no one to whom we can petition our grievances and receive redress. The great leaders in Washington turn a deaf ear to our pleas and continue to spend us into oblivion. My friends and neighbors suffer from the abuses of power in Washington that costs us our jobs and homes in Nevada. We see what they are doing, we write and call and petition, hoping to slow their excesses and they spend more money, pass more laws and takeover more industries. The only answer we hear is ‘fairness’, ‘payback for long past wrongs by some of our ancestors against some other of our ancestors.’ Our hope is that by choosing someone from among us, as I am, we can speak for ourselves and stop the looting of our treasury, the encumbering of our offspring, and the pillaging of our economy.

Some among us have been deceived by the fairy tales spun to pacify and divide us against ourselves. We are not white America or Black America or Rich America or Poor America, but neighbors with a common heritage of self rule and opportunity. We are heirs to a birthright of freedom that we won’t vote away for some free health-care or equality of outcome. There exists some parable or allegory to enlighten even the most obdurately obtuse to the truth that ‘free’ means the price is so high it has to be hidden. I am running to proclaim that truth, and by so doing unite us once again in working toward our greater prosperity.

Further information at NevadaCan.com

Openness in government