I am Alex Miller, and I am running for the Democrat nomination for the U.S. Senate.

The incumbent won by Only 428 votes in the last contested election (1998). The economy was good, unemployment was around 5% not 10%. He had not just placed trillions of our dollars in the hands of bankers to do his job for him. He hadn’t just insulted the military or totally alienated every industry in the state. And without Tea Party opposition he won by only 428 votes. In 2004 he faced token opposition. In the present economic and political climate, he is sure to be replaced. The only question is will we have the foresight to replace him now, or will we bury our heads in the sand and wait until November.

I am more centrist than Harry Reid. I stand for the traditional Democrat values of mistrust of the big businesses that the incumbent just handed billions of our dollars to and has received millions in campaign donations from.

A lot of us supported the health-care bill without ever seeing it. Now that we are seeing what has been forced upon us, we are less and less sure we like it. Trust is fine, in certain emergencies you rely on good people to make the right decisions. But we had plenty of time to read and understand the bills. Now bills are being passed without even being read by our senator. We are purposely kept in the dark and told to trust because of manufactured crises. Then we find out we had better ideas that weren’t listened to. Clearly we are not being represented; we are being led around like sheep.

Given that the incumbent isn’t representing our values, he must be listening to parties other than Nevada voters. Of what possible benefit is his leadership position in the Senate to Democrats in Nevada? We get a few trinkets wrapped in constant moralizing and lectures, while other more junior senators get their states billions in payoffs. So who are the sheep? Us for believing that he is worth having? Or us for imagining we somehow share in or benefit from his power?

We are working people. Mostly we are too focused upon our families and jobs to run for office. This has led to our choosing professional politicians to represent us. I am a traditional Democrat, standing up for the rights of the working person, mistrusting the multinationals and the world bankers. I am a traditional Democrat on economic and social issues compared to the socialists that have come late into our party. I listen to my fellow workers not the lobbyist in Washington or the big bosses here. I represent us, the working people.

If you want to be represented you must choose now. The social pendulum is swinging back. You are Democrats and a liberal, progressive or socialist cannot win in November. A Democrat can. I am Alex Miller and we need to acknowledge reality. Go to my web site NevadaCan.com and email all of your friends to do the same. NevadaCan Make the right choice

This speech was written and delivered for Nevada PBS in May of 2010

Alex Miller U.S. Senate

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