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Unions are in an interesting business.  Like any business they provide a service or product that the customers, the members, purchase.  Standing up for the working man occasionally requires standing up to big business.   This has traditionally been a rallying cry of unions.  Just because someone says they are working for your best interest, doesn't mean that they are speaking either truthfully or intelligently.  Politicians are the first example of people who either lie or are incompetent.  Businesses are not immune from these foibles and that includes the businesses we call unions.  

What the working person needs most is a job.  Standing up for the working person means promoting job growth, not just union growth.  It is up to the unions to make sure that there is no conflict between the two goals, because we can't have one without the other.

When market realities change, businesses have to either adapt or die.   My favorite union was the American Garment Workers Union.  They had a nice jingle and they advertised to get people to buy union made clothing. The pace of innovation in the American manufacturing of clothing was, for a variety of reasons, not sufficient to overcome the lower cost of labor in India and eventually almost all clothing has come to be purchased from overseas sources.  Other unions, seeing this, have not modified their business model to promote manufacturing efficiency.  Instead, they lobbied, generally unsuccessfully, for tariffs and for regulation on other businesses.  Our manufacturing jobs have moved overseas and one of the reasons, along with taxes and regulations, has been the restrictive contracts won by the businesses we call unions.  Supporting one business over another is not the proper function of government, standing up for America's workers is.  And, just as I disagree with and am running against politicians who tax our earnings and use it to buy votes, I won't support some businesses that claim to be supporting the working man but which actually drive jobs overseas.

Unions have been following the same template since the 1800's.  A lot of them are pursuing policies that ignore global market realities as did the American Garment Workers Union.  I will be fair to all businesses by promoting their ability to make choices and adapt to the market place as they believe will further their ends.  Not to give individual or group advantage by legislation, nor to share the wealth that ensues, nor to have the taxpayer suffer the loss from poor decisions. 


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