Alex Miller for U.S. Senate

I am a voter in the state of Nevada that would like to know your position on some issues dear to me. Did you know that Nevada has a medical marijuana registry program on the books since 2001? Would you be for or against allowing for safe access to medication for patients in the registry program. Would you be for or against lowering the state fees associated with the registry program. Do you have any other opinions regarding using cannabis as a medicine? I look forward to hearing back from you.
Craig Dxxxxxxh

In the course of my job, I have administered medical marijuana as well as alcoholic beverages. Both were prescribed by a doctor and administered in a hospital.  As a nurse, I am very conservative in my opinions on medication in general.  I advocate starting with alternative therapies and lifestyle modification if applicable before implementing a medication regimen or surgery.  The reason for this is that the mechanisms of action and side effects of most medications are not fully understood, medications can damage part of the body while allowing another part to recover, and surgery is dangerous and never fully reversible.  However, with differing levels of acuity, flexibility is required.  With patients who have a good chance of recovery, long term effects of medical intervention are of great concern.  But, with patients who are beyond the scope of medical cure, there begins a transition to palliative care.  For patients without long term prospects, palliative care should include anything and everything they think would give them comfort that can be legally provided at a reasonable cost.

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