The state’s unemployment rate hovers around 13% and government agencies are facing huge deficits. If elected, what would you do to help improve the overall sate of the economy in Nevada and/or your district?

The government is an overhead expense to the economy. Government jobs do not produce the things that make us wealthy or produce tax revenue. We don't drive shinier cars nor have more stylish hair because of any government job. Wealth and tax revenues come only from private sector jobs.

People do private sector jobs to make a profit with which to buy the things they desire. The best illustration of how private sector jobs are created was when President Obama allowed drilling for oil, which would have allowed private industry to create jobs in drilling and all of the support functions, while producing oil.

More jobs reduce the available workforce and put upward pressure on wages. More product, such as oil, puts downward pressure on the price of the item produced. The combination of more jobs and more production means working people make more money and the money buys more product.

There are many reasons private sector jobs are not profitable and therefore not done. They include such impediments as, labor cost, shortage of educated workers, foreign and domestic competition, technological inadequacies, cost and availability of financing, insurance, and theft. Of all the expenses that make jobs unprofitable to do, government taxes and regulation are the easiest to adjust and make a job worth doing in this country.

Housing Crisis

People in Nevada are losing their homes at an alarming rate. Thousands of other homeowners owe more than their home is worth. What do you think can be done to turn around the housing crisis in Nevada?

Houses are bought with a combination of money from jobs, and speculation on the historically increasing or at least steady value of the house. When government forced lenders to finance people without jobs, the demand for housing was artificially inflated, causing an unsustainable increase in the supply of housing relative to the actual demand by people who have jobs and could afford a house. Now government has raised impediments to job growth, reducing demand for housing by reducing the number of people with jobs. This has caused a decline in housing values that many people were depending upon to make their home purchase financially viable.

To stabilize the housing market both sources of funding need to be increased. We need more job creation as well as level or increasing prices for housing. People only do jobs that are profitable. Taxes and regulation reduce the profitability of jobs. By reducing taxes and regulation, jobs become more profitable, pay more and more jobs become worth doing. More jobs would increase the demand for housing and stabilize the market.


From kindergarten to college, funding for our public schools continues to be slashed. What would you do to help improve the quality of our schools?

Children and parents should be free to apply to the school of their choice. Schools should be allowed to specialize and competitively test prospective students in those specialties and accept students based upon those test. Local communities and parents should decide what and how things are taught. Bad schools need to be allowed to fail and be disbanded so they can't continue to fail our children. Bad teachers should be more easily guided and encouraged to find employment more suited to their skills and interests. Discipline, achievement and safety need to be promoted over self-image and false pride. Frivolous lawsuits that drain school resources need to be curtailed. Children and parents need to see benefits from personal achievement as well as service to fellow students and the school. Students need to look forward to being employed upon graduation.


If elected, what one change to the healthcare system or the healthcare reform bill would you make your top priority?

At 2700 pages and numerous revisions, tons of earmarks and payoffs, the best option is to scrap it. Then start over with open meetings and a clear agenda that we can all agree upon to produce a bill that doesn't need to be forced upon us via procedural loop holes and backroom dealing.

Open Question

Tell us why you think you are the best candidate for the job.

The only thing that disqualifies our current representative is his loyalty to parties other than the citizens of Nevada and a lack of respect for, coupled with an unwillingness to defend, the Constitution of the United States that has enraged Nevada voters. Suffering from neither deficiency, I am more qualified. It can also be said that having never had the desire to manage the affairs of others from public office might make me the best candidate to do so. Please check my website

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