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1. No one says the health care bill is perfect. How would you fix it?

At 2700 pages, written by parties unknown, and numerous revisions, tons of earmarks and payoffs, the best option is to scrap it. Then start over with open meetings and a clear agenda that we can all agree upon to produce a bill that doesn't need to be forced upon us via procedural loop holes and backroom dealing.

Or, as it was better said..."It will be of little avail to the people that the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood." James Madison

2. How would you get people back to work in Nevada?

The government is an overhead expense to the economy. Government jobs do not produce the things that make us wealthy nor do they produce net tax revenue. We don't drive shinier cars nor have more stylish hair, nor any net tax receipts because of any government job. Wealth and tax revenues come only from private sector jobs.

People do private sector jobs to make a profit with which to buy the things they desire. The best illustration of how private sector jobs are created was when President Obama allowed drilling for oil, which would have allowed private industry to create jobs in drilling and all of the support functions, while producing oil.  Jobs are created when the profit for doing them is perceived to be higher than the costs of doing them.

More jobs reduce the available workforce and put upward pressure on wages. More product, such as oil, puts downward pressure on the price of the item produced. The combination of more jobs and more production means working people make more money and the money buys more product.

There are many reasons private sector jobs are not profitable and therefore not done. They include such impediments as labor cost, shortage of educated workers, foreign and domestic competition, technological inadequacies, cost and availability of financing, insurance, and energy. Of all the expenses that make jobs unprofitable to do, government taxes and regulation are the easiest to adjust in order to make a job worth doing in this country.

The gaming industry needs a supply of people with disposable income to fill the casinos. To get people back to work in Nevada, the entire country needs to recover.  We can let the economy recover by removing the toxic effects of redundant, conflicting regulations and high taxes.

3. What is the best way for America to dig its way out of the deficit?

A combination of cutting spending and letting the economy recover as outlined in the answer to the previous question.

4. Are the current paths the US are taking in Iraq and Afghanistan the right paths? Why?

There is no clear strategy or path that has been disclosed to the American people.  The proposal of developing the local governments to the point where they can handle their own security needs is good, but ignores the problem of militant Islam.  Helping a nation stand on its own and walking away, only to see it fall to irrational ideologues (as is happening to us) is worse than doing nothing. 

5. What national policies should be put in place to solidify Nevada's spot as a leader of clean energy?

Reduce regulation and taxes and allow construction of power transmission lines.  If the industry is viable government need not interfere.  If the industry is not viable, government should not obligate the taxpayers to support it.

6. What should be the future of Yucca Mountain?

Now that the hysteria has subsided with the promise of 'green' nuclear energy, undermining the industry is no longer a priority.  Collecting dangerous material and providing secure storage is a better option than leaving it spread all over the world.  Reprocessing looks like a viable technology that could bring additional jobs to Nevada.  Challenges to public safety are no greater than in any other industry.  Therefore I am of the opinion that a nuclear reprocessing center might be a good use of Yucca Mountain.

7. What should be the federal government's direction on immigration reform?

The 1965 immigration act changed immigration policy away from strict limits and allowed a flood of unskilled and uneducated people to overwhelm our social infrastructure and remake our national identity.  We need to return to the common practice of regulating immigration for the benefit of our country and of respecting our capacity to absorb those wishing to immigrate.
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