Tired of not getting straight answers?

Why should you be elected?

More stimulus programs are not what Nevada needs. We cannot vote ourselves rich nor can we spend ourselves into prosperity. I am not a career politician. I am not invested in the success of ongoing, ineffective programs, nor am I beholden to any special interests. I want what all Nevadans want…honest representation and an intelligent, realistic plan to support our fiscal recovery and secure our future.

We are being led into servitude. Higher taxes translate into a reduction of personal freedom for taxpayers. The strings attached to welfare or government regulated healthcare bind recipients to these programs, restricting their personal freedom. As former slave Fredrick Douglas said, "I didn't know I was a slave until I found out I couldn't do the things I wanted". We must earn our bread by labor and our security by making wise financial decisions.

The only thing that disqualifies our current representative is his loyalty to parties other than the citizens of Nevada and a lack of respect for, coupled with an unwillingness to defend, the Constitution of the United States. I am qualified in that I suffer from neither of these deficiencies. It can also be said that having never had the desire to manage the affairs of others from public office might make me the best candidate to do so.


Should American troops stay in Afghanistan? Why or why not?

The short answer is no. The reasons for our presence there are many and convoluted. There are consequences for staying too long or leaving too early. If we stay too long, we become occupiers and they become wards of our taxpayers. If we leave too soon, we invite the Taliban to fill the power vacuum. The timing of when to leave will be when the Afghans can govern and protect themselves, but before opportunistic socialist politicians start to use our presence to promote a revolution against their own government. If properly managed, there will be the opportunity to leave gracefully in such an intervening period.

What, if any, changes should be made to the No Child Left Behind Law?

Like so many one size fits all solutions, it doesn’t. I see no harm and great opportunity for improvement in repealing it altogether. Quality does not arise from inspection, but from production. We need a students bill of rights that will guarantee choice for parents and students, that ensures that schools are supported to teach children - not merely provide a place of employment for people who want to call themselves teachers or administrators, incentive to do well and graduate early with a solid and respected degree. Schools should be a place where children demand to be educated not merely entertained. This is possible with the right guidance and motivation that professional teachers and a caring community can provide.

What role should the government play, if any, in assuring affordable health care?

While there is no provision for government involvement in any business other than regulating commerce between the states and foreign countries, the reality is that government influence is felt in all businesses. I believe in learning from experience and profiting by example. Before we emulate a less successful European or Canadian model, let’s find a more successful model to learn from. The government should take a role in reducing healthcare cost similar to that which it took in reducing personal computing expenses while at the same time improving their performance. People need healthcare, and we have the best healthcare system. The issue is that things that we need cost money. Money comes from work. The first thing workers need is jobs. To solve the healthcare cost problem, we need patients to have jobs and money. Then we need to look at the costs associated with healthcare that do nothing to bring comfort or healing to the patients.

What role should government assume in helping the economy recover?

This downturn in the economy is more than the regular cycle that business goes through. Money comes from jobs in the private sector. Jobs come from the opportunity to solve problems more efficiently than can a competitor. Business people don’t start a job unless they are fairly sure that they can get paid for doing it. There are a lot of expenses and contingencies to allow for in estimating the cost of doing a job and the potential paycheck available upon completion. Businesses that feel confident that they have properly projected the cost of doing a job and who see that the potential reward for doing that job exceeds the cost, will invest the resources needed to do the job.

Government is a major contingency, expense and obstacle in doing many jobs. If the expense and regulation that government imposes is lowered and predictable, more jobs become worth doing. Now we have a situation where the cost associated with government is rising and less predictable. Business people, to be safe, factor in the cost of government at the high end or worst case if they have to guess, and that uncertainty makes a lot of jobs appear unprofitable to do in this country. Government needs to lower taxes, streamline regulation and be stable and predictable before workers will risk their money in doing jobs.

What role should government play in job creation?

Government jobs do not produce the things that make us wealthy. They don’t give us better computers, nicer homes or more stylish clothing. Private sector jobs do create wealth. When a worker sees an opportunity to do a job they will borrow money to buy the tools and equipment and hire the people they need. The government is hogging up too large a share of the capital markets and squeezing out the working man. The government also takes money in taxes and that is often the difference between a job being worth hiring people to do or not worth doing. Regulation also makes some jobs not worth doing in this country. The role of government is as an overhead cost to the economy. By keeping overhead low, government can make more jobs worth hiring people to do.

Where do you stand on the nation’s immigration policy?

I wasn’t aware that we had one. It seems that anyone with needed skills, education and talent must wait in line, but everyone else just comes on in and acts like lawful residents are in their way. If laws are to mean anything, they need to be enforced, with the same vigor that the tax laws are. Every average citizen can come up with ways to fix the problem, what we need now is a representative that will implement those fixes. Since law enforcement is an executive branch responsibility, I would support the president in enforcing the laws.

What kind of energy policy should the U.S. adopt?

Energy is the lifeblood of the economy. Cutting off existing supplies before alternatives can be tested and proven is foolish and dangerous. My neighbors and I need affordable transportation to work. We should maintain our current technology of carbon fuels until a suitable replacement is proven and proven again. Energy is too important an issue to get wrong. We should be accessing the oil and gas reserves in our territory in an orderly manner to provide a consistent predictable supply to our gas pumps, homes and businesses. Workers who see potential profit in alternative forms of energy should be encouraged with predictable taxes and regulation to pursue the profit waiting the successful inventor.


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