Soliciting the opinion of the public before a proposal is made and determined to be attainable is impractical.  It would be unreasonable to occupy the public with every errant thought before a proposal is actually made.  Responsible elected officials are supposed to facilitate self governance not delegate it back to the electorate.

Landfills are a legitimate and traditional use of land and perform a necessary function.  I do not support or oppose them.

I haven't read up on the charter of the USGS as it applies to determining land use, but I am sure their opinion will be helpful.

Is the trash business different enough from other businesses to warrant special consideration under the commerce clause of the Constitution?  I can't support such an argument without significant research.

Environmental studies help determine the impact on adjoining properties over time and help foresee the consequences of a proposition.  They are expensive but can be warranted if a proposition is sufficiently unique that its impact is not easily assessable.  The imposition of such studies is not a viable alternative to the political process.

The wishes of the majority are always relevant, as long as they do not infringe upon the rights of the minority.

Alex Miller for U.S. Senate