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Questions 10, 14 and 18 require absolute answers to unforseen occassions.  It may be neccessary for the U.S. to re-occupy Grenada or even Panama (not that I forsee these specific eventualities.)  Funding unforseen contingencies might require a yes vote on a bill or budget with a projected deficet. And emergencies, that are not phony bail outs or payoffs, might arise that are straightfoward and which require more immediate action than 72 hours.  In general I would answer yes, but I learned from the experience of Bush senior's No New Tax pledge not to paint myself into a corner.  

On the last item, I can't support an across the board tax cut because not everyone pays taxes.  I will have to waffle on item 19 where my answer is generally yes. However, everyone should have some 'skin in the game' and a reason to promote thrift and restraint in government.  

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