This questionnaire was from the American Association of University Women.

The questions seem reasonable but remember this is a general questionnaire not tailored to the office of U.S. Senate. Some issues are difficult to reconcile with the U.S. Constitution.  For example:  

Question 1. (Will you support strong enforcement of Title IX) Yes, as Abraham Lincoln stated, we should support our laws by not breaking them.  However enforcement is the perview of the Executive branch of government, not the Legislative branch.

Question 2. (Will you support increased federal funding for education?)  No, control and funding go hand in hand.  The money comes from taxes.  The federal government should leave the money with the taxpayers, so the local government can tax it and apply it according to local needs.  One size fits none (does anyone remember 'no child left behind').

Question 3. (School vouchers)  This is a local (i.e. not federal) issue.  If your community wants to do this, you should have the option.

Question 9. (Will you support only fair jurist) Is interesting.  If we could tell good from bad, voter's would have chosen better representatives and I wouldn't feel obligated to run.  Of course I will do my best and listen to Nevadans in all matters.

Anyway, here is the questionnaire.  
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